Timeless,                      Timeless, lost in a moment as its fragrance eludes between places. Causes attention span to shrink into a vacuum, Under brain waves in retract; flashbacks: paradise in stillness; once a vision quest, by waves of schoolie Dolphin from underground wave white as milk realms into corridors rise on Wings where angels tread. While the guardian spirit's eye over the heavenly. frozen timeless stories. They now return to Atlantis with the wisdom. of the ancient temple of the pharaoh bearing gifts of Excalibur. One land and one King seeks Merlin and the dragon breath: myths mysteries the world entrance. Machu Picchu, and temples Golden Talumen, lands beyond A maiden’s voyage prayer; the way of the ocean waves where dolphin returns: an essence of magic sends winds across the Pacific of Life becomes a journey to the heart where love conquers all into timeless eternity chambers of the god’s lost city, to find books of secret ancient rhythm, spann

A Battle for Turf

  A Battle for Turf Living on toxic exhaustion, colored behind a killer’s instinct. From conception to birth; life unfolds over the requiem encounter when one becomes a trillion: hunting a hunter. It is a survival game, where many are killed and brought to defeat at the legion’s victory Journey of life, a dangerous place marching on. After the clash, never to forget the crash of blood on the mass. This distance from hand to mouth, many miles of wages a whisper rages. Onward, the last frontier, next millennium artificial silence sweeps onto its focal point. With drones in the shadows; between worlds where fair game circular as our way: in heat-seeking missiles under satellites stealing time such meanies with dark frequencies, twisted Mechanic puppets are driven between parallel forces in the shattering of things; life is life. So we never think twice about virtual freedom. Slowly dissolve, when it hurts to remember out Of the sourcebook. Into nowhere, a departure from within a killing m

A Blade Of Grass

  A Blade Of Grass                    Damp from the early morning dew:                    Glitter off the moon night light sparkles                    Reaches toward distant reflection swaying                    Outstretched wind breeze.                    Unimpeded by surrounding turf, to the                     Tune of barefooted kids running aimlessly                    Through forest meadow maze, in a game of                   Hide and seek: laughter, sharp blades                    Needle pins silky sheen plush, afternoon                    An evening fresh cut sends the aroma smell                    Throughout the neighborhood: as the neighbor                    Spread lawn chairs out across Bermuda                    Grass; BBQ grills eating charcoal sound.                    Popping, blanket toss on the napping lawn.                    Across the field, just beyond eyesight;                    Yet in view, brown, black spotted livestock                     Grazing green grass

Yes, Jesus Loves Me

  Yes, Jesus Loves Me  Yes, Jesus Loves Me: This I Know, Because the bible tells me so. Jesus loves me this, I know. He came in love. He bleeds in love. He died in Love with you and me: He rose in love, that I might know. Yes, that Jesus loves me: This I know, seated at the right hand of God our Father, in love; Interceding in Love on my behalf. Yes, Jesus loves me: this I know. Forgiving in love, reveal in love Discipline in love revealing in love Yes, Jesus loves me. As He watches over me in love. Yes, Jesus loves me: He guides me in love, He tried me in love. He teaches me to do right when I want to do wrong. Yes, Jesus loves me. He adopted me in love. Yes, Jesus loves me. Day by day: in love. This I know. Because the bible tells me so.  

Where is Wholeness?

   Where is Wholeness                Shattered into scattered pieces; and, bit by bit, taken away for granted.  As discarded utility wires, on public poles for display. For sale, mark discounted thrift shakedown, takedown:  Garments reeks and stains where the only results remain.  The same until redemption states its claim:  Sure, existential everyone, but no one to blame.  Footstep is the print before you are numb but strong.  Blind obvious abandonment in the den of wolves   Alone, a nearby wasteland of many fears Bound and lynched with an animal discarded umbilical cord around your throat.  Jag, choking without a pang dream of hope.  That care is to divide those parallel chromosomes.  A battle with the winds shivering to cope.    The only fire beneath the feet blister to look up;  There is a kite's vigil, paying homage in flight.  Literally. off-string instruments now feel like a Paganini;  Violins in the background, tweets songbirds Sounds of what you thought you heard: Char

Bottom Line

            “BOTT0m LINE”                                                                                                                                    Count it all lost; matter of fact.                                                                                  Let the tares grow up with the wheat.                                                                      As though a zipper parting.                                                                                 At its threshold, in Plainview.                                                                          Wolf pack growling carnivorously.                                                                                at the door, crouched to pounce;                                                                  calculated overrated: until dismissing                                                                  value runs its course.                                                       

Unconscious Alliance

   UNCONSCIOUS ALLIANCE                                          A mixture in black and white: the birth and death of any day.                                          Where in their hearts, whose names are written in abbreviation;                                          Short was the alleviation of it; surrounded by barbed wire,                                         Closed in cross wires at a restless night shift: will your heart dance a beat?                                         Or are these just immortal thoughts?  Buried in lament, buried.                                         Underneath tomorrow's world today; taken by a brief note in                                        clockwork, the hands of time as a pulse beat: reminds,                                        us never to bite our tongue when running with scissors while leaving;                                        skipping stones and kicking rocks; behind.                                        Now that everyth